Batuque Axé

As a part of the ‘Victoria 2017 – International Capoeira Encounter’, Batuque Axé will be returning once again Saturday March 25th!
With some of the world best musicians, singers, samba dancers, and capoeira athletes coming back to Victoria this Spring to celebrate. This Brazilian party will be an event that should not be missed! Special Guests Mestre Marcos Barrao and Miguelito Valdes.

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Batizado, Troca De Corda & International Capoeira Encounter

Please join us March 24-28 for Victoria 2017, the 17th Annual International Capoeira Encounter & Brazilian Cultural Festival in Beautiful Victoria BC. The Event will be held in venues throughout the city offering workshops, rodas and spectacular performances. Victoria is well known for its Capoeira Events, and this year will certainly not disappoint!

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